Coal (BethGon® II)

Gondolas: Coal – BethGon® II Cars

FreightCar America’s aluminum BethGon® II with its patented twin-tubs is the industry-leading coal gondola car. Our “continuous improvement” has kept this car in the forefront as the most recognized coal gondola in the industry. Having delivered over 70,000 cars, it is the best-selling railcar ever produced by our company. Since the original BethGon was introduced in 1978, it has a demonstrated track record of reliability and performance over millions of service miles.

The aluminum BethGon II, with a light weight of 41,700 lbs., has a carrying capacity of 244,330 lbs. and a volume of 4,911 cu.-ft. The BethGon II features FreightCar America’s patented top chords with integral dumper clamp reinforcements and our patented cold-rolled center sill. This lightweight, 70ksi yield steel backbone is used in every one of the coal cars we build. This car can also be equipped with FreightCar America’s patented aluminum side stake with integral wear bars that help protect the side stakes during rotary dumping.

Our Hybrid BethGon® II was specifically developed for the transportation of eastern coal. This hybrid gondola car utilizes stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel materials to maintain the operating efficiency expected from our line of BethGon II.

These features of our BethGon® II can be configured to meet your specific requirements or preferences:

  • Size / capacity
  • Stainless option
  • Brake system
  • Draft system
  • Exterior finish
  • Modification available from coal or small cube car or similar
  • Covered / not covered

As part of our dedication to customer service, any of our railcar products may be further developed to meet the specific characteristics of the bulk or containerized freight being transported — as well as any other customized requirements or specifications required by our clients.

Our commitment to quality and customer services begins with the first customer contact and extends through the life of the railcar. Our Customer Service Department is staffed by a highly qualified and experienced team with the resources to help with any of your service requirements.

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