Well Car

FreightCar America's Well Car is a single unit all steel, welded car with container supports for two twenty foot containers, or one forty foot container in each well. Two twenty foot containers could be stacked on two twenty foot containers or one forty foot container can be stacked on top of the first row of containers.

The design dimensions of the car conform to AAR clearance diagram Plate H. The car is designed for a track gauge of 4' 8-1/2" between rail heads.

The truck components will be supplied with a spring group to support a maximum gross rail load of 220,000 pounds.
Trucks will be equipped with Super Service Ride Control snubbers, incorporating 3-11/16" spring travel, a 5' 8" wheel
base, 33" diameter wheels, 6" x 11" axles and roller bearings, and long travel constant contact side bearings will be used.
Side frame column wear plates will be bolted.

The truck mounted brake systems will utilize conventional pipe brackets, fabricated reservoirs, automatic slack
adjusters and AAR-approved brake hoses. Four-port receivers for an automated single-car test device will be
included as part of the control valve. A handbrake will be mounted on one end.

The fabricated draft areas will be comprised of two 1/2" vertical webs welded to 3 /8 "shear plate and 1 /2"
bottom flanges.

The car design incorporates a pair of built-up side sections extending full length of each unit. The side
sections support the containers at the end of the well. When 20 foot containers are loaded in the well, they are
additionally supported vertically near the center of the well. Four diagonal and four lateral cross braces are
utilized to stiffen the car at the bottom of the well area.


Specifications and Dimensions

Well Car Container Car


Truck Centers for Each Unit

50' 2"


Over Strikers

59' 8-7/8"


Over Pulling Face of Free Couplers

62' 4-3/8"



Extreme Width

9' 9-1/4"



Coupler Height (Maximum)

2' 11"


Rail to Top of Container Support (Nominal)



Rail to Top of Container Guides (Nominal)

5’ 7-3/4"


Rail to Top of Container (Nominal) 9' 6" Container

20' 1-5/8"



Railcar Lightweight (pounds)

43,800 Lbs.

Maximum Gross Rail Load (pounds)

220,000 Lbs.


Load Limit (est.)

176,200 Lbs.

Curve Negotiability

Coupled to Like Car (Minimum)

250 Foot Radius